This I call the “feel good” story! Strong message universally appealing!

Making your brand or business about your passion for a social Cause is a good way to sustain your services and products as the first place destination only because you have set the perception of your brand as a business that cares and give back, and the good feelings you command helps your customers to participate through their loyal patronage.

A recent PRWatch story discussed how corporations are increasingly turning to cause marketing to get around people’s ability to tune out their daily deluge of advertising. Cause marketing, or “affinity marketing,” is a sophisticated public relations strategy in which a corporation allies itself with a cause that evokes strong emotions in targeted consumers, like curing cancer, alleviating poverty, feeding the hungry, helping the environment or saving helpless animals.

Interpreting this statistic in the Africa/ Nigeria market is more saying that corporations are increasingly turning to cause marketing as a sure strategy for sustaining growth and profit through Social Responsibility ( SR)

Why Cause Marketing

Cause marketing works, which is why its use is spreading like wildfire. The operative word that the whole idea turns on is “emotion,” because the ability to manipulate people depends completely on generating an emotional connection

it can also become a deciding factor when customers choose where to spend their money.

it’s never been more important to focus your corporate giving into a cause-marketing campaign that motivates your target customer base

When you create an ongoing strategy for giving, everyone wins — the charitable cause you support, your customers and, ultimately, your business.