Good Day,

My name is Priscilla Philips

I am a Brand Strategist and Brand Development Consultant that provides a body of Visual Content Development with the use of Photography, Videography and Corporate videos for your business.

After creating the necessary content for your business services or products, I then use it to convey a conversation that best describes your business uniqueness and value that positions you over your competitors.

This content (Image/Visuals) can be used for various reasons that cut across your digital space as a business that has presence online. From your Social Media Management, Email Marketing and Experiential, and PR Marketing.

What makes my services valuable to your business is that I have a strong high openness to developing from scratch and perceiving instinctively what specific storytelling to use in reaching out to your market; and put in view your business value, brand essence and brand culture into play.

Over the years, within 6 years as both an Entrepreneur, Employee and intrapreneur: i have worked with a number of business from star-ups to medium scale business in the Fashion, Food, Television (Broadcasting), Personality, Education, and Entertainment – Lifestyle industry.

I can work with your company as either a Consulting Expert or an In-house Expert that has a depth to build directions strategies that tally’s with your marketing and business development as a whole.

So, I would propose working for your company and building it into a BRAND conglomerate by “Being an intrapreneur” (a manager within a company who promotes innovative for new Business Development and Marketing Strategies).

I hope this is a service your business is looking to leverage on, for building the necessary structures and business development –sustaining your essence and revolutionary interpretation of your vision-mission statement.

Looking forward to join your team !!!!

Yours Sincerely

Priscilla Philips