We focus on emerging business owners who intend on building revenue while getting national and global publicity. FAM AGENCY AND PR can represent your business interest at every capacity to your target audience, ensuring that you communicate the right message uniquely for your business. Because we understands that good PR does not stand alone, it must mirror and complement the client’s brand ethos, creating an organic relationship between marketing, advertising, events and promotions. Optimizing the synergy between these areas is vital to maximizing our client’s promotional investments

Our slogan which is “ INNOVATION,IDEAS, SOLUTION” emphasizes on our kin capacity to communicate your brand… here in FAM Agency, either as Public Relation and Agency or Brand Strategy consultant and Business management.

we; representing you is our fulfillment and expressing your brand is of profit, so therefore We just don’t represent your business on a public relation to marketing consultation but we plan and strategies alongside with your company’s scope of brand vision by availing ourselves as part of your team at every point in of managerial implementation.

FAM  brings innovation, initiatives and socially-incline brand strategy to your business in keeping it afloat and constantly relevant in its industry.(evolving with moving fashion of your demography)



FAM Agency is also a managerial outfit with penchant of experience and administrative skill to put your business in a healthy and practical system of structure. We are kin about how businesses can leverage and operate in a dynamic structure irrespective of their size; maximizing their service-oriented potentials through strategic brand marketing integration in an effective implementation plan that will enable their costumer’s increase loyalty and satisfaction with new revenue opportunities

As a consulting PR Agency Boutique, management and Business Development services as our top priority, we will make physical attachable executions from your business administrative day-to-day social interaction and marketing.



FAM makes sure of an effective structure that will fit best into your business services. Making sure from staffing to company’s working stationeries; marketing materials are sourced and procured for more fashionable services tailored for your company services.

We research on the trendy update of best workable and more effective administrative tools for your type of business.


Putting all necessary structure in place to enable an effect business transaction between your company and your costumers;

  • IT units
  • Account unit
  • Admin – files, stocking, database storage, inventory
  • Graphic and digital branding
  • content marketing

Cost Per Subscription


Cost Per Subscription


Cost Per Subscription


Email: priscillaphils.pr@gmail.com or you can chat live with me on the website.